Second Chance with Second Look Program

Maximize your offerings with Accumulate’s Second Look Program. Effortlessly pass on any deals that were not approved for financing, allowing us to assess your customers’ credit and financial situation. Our expertise lies in offering tailored support to customers, whether it’s helping them establish credit or alleviating their debt burdens.

Stage 1: Pre-Qualification

  • Customers submitted for Second Look with detailed information about their income, employment, debt, and car details.

  • Customers undergo evaluation for eligibility based on the provided information.

Stage 2: Document Gathering

  • We collect and validate comprehensive budget analyses, including income, expenses, and debts.

  • Our team streamlines simulations and documents for the recommended debt relief.

  • The remaining information is gathered from the customer to finalize the approval.

Stage 3: Final Approval

  • The customer is connected to a trusted Trustee, who specializes in handling debt relief.

  • A new payment amount is determined upon Trustee’s sign-off.

  • New debt amounts and TDSR ratio is calculated in accordance with the new payment plan. 

  • A pre-approval is received based on the updated calculations. 

Stage 4: Connecting Customers and Dealerships 

  • The customer is connected back to the dealership equipped with a dealer quote

  • Once approved through Second Look, the customer is returned to you, ensuring they can proceed confidently with your brand.

  • In the event that the approval falls through, we will gladly compensate you with a referral fee for the customer.

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